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Welcome to ADTP

Accelerated Driver Testing Program

ADTP is designed to reduce the time it takes to educate, train and test new commercial delivery drivers.

ADTP recognizes that simple training solutions work best, so the ADTP Program is structured with simplicity in mind. With our easy 3-Step-Curriculum, ADTP offers contractors a new and innovative approach to testing and training new delivery drivers in record time. ADTP produces drivers that are trained on safe driving techniques, efficient delivery practices, and commercial driver professionalism.

The ADTP Certification Program consists of three elements:
  1. A comprehensive online curriculum that culminates with online testing.
  2. 18 hours of behind-the-wheel training without packages on board evaluated by a FedEx Road Test.
  3. 18 hours of behind-the-wheel training with packages on board signed off on by your organizations ELDP Operator.

This simple three step process gives contractors the ability to monitor the progress of each individual candidate to ensure that they are employing safe, efficient, professional delivery drivers.


Attention FedEx Contractors

FedEx has announced significant changes to its driver experience requirements. Effective August 25th, 2014, even drivers with no prior driving history are eligible to be approved as FedEx drivers. These new drivers must be trained by a FedEx approved ELDP Operator. ADTP is here to make your organization that ELDP Operator!

Due to new FedEx PDL and safety requirements, as of February 1, 2010:
Behind the wheel time requirements for all drivers qualified through a PDL Vendor will increase from twelve (12) hours to eighteen (18) hours.