Safety Compliance Operators

The first step to launching your Qualified Driver Safety Training Program is to register with ADTP as your company's Safety Compliance Operator. You will be able to access the ADTP training system by entering your username and password where you will find your operator dashboard for uploading new drivers and monitoring driver training progress.

A Company Representative will contact each newly registered Safety Compliance Operator.

Become an ADTP Certified Safety Compliance Operator

When you have completed the Safety Compliance Operator registration, you will be able to upload new driver candidates and monitor existing driver progress at any time. Simply log in with your username and password and follow the instructions for signing up a new driver. You will enter their name and address, assign them a username and password, and submit their information to ADTP. Drivers can proceed to the website and begin their compliance training immediately.

Operator Login

If you are already an ADTP Certified Operator, please enter your username and password, then press the Submit button to access the training system.