The Oceans Six

The Oceans Six core convictions are the foundation of our company and the fuel that drives our people to provide the highest quality care. These are the six things we value and know to be true at Oceans Healthcare and our hospitals.


We value dignity. There is no greater human right or expectation. At the root of every action we take at Oceans Healthcare is the unwavering commitment that we will treat our patients with dignity and compassion. Their life experiences are unique and deserve respect. We honor them by providing a safe environment that nurtures healing and encourages long-term, successful management of physical, emotional and cognitive health.

2Comprehensive Care

We recognize the importance of a comprehensive approach to treat the whole person. Every patient is supervised by a board-certified or board-eligible psychiatrist and monitored closely by a medical physician to ensure overall health and well-being. The Oceans approach is unique in the priority we place on addressing medical conditions that may be directly or indirectly related to behavioral health needs. We believe in active treatment in the least restrictive environment and we recognize that without a stronger, healthier body, the mind cannot heal.


We are dedicated to providing a safe, compassionate environment for healing. Our patients must trust in the safety and quality of our services. Our employees are caregivers who have dedicated themselves to serving this special population of older adults and seniors, and we fully embrace our responsibility not to break that trust. The members of our highly trained and educated staff consistently strive for improvement, are always open to new ideas and are never satisfied with the status quo.


We strive to destigmatize behavioral health. No illness can be treated successfully in whispers and darkness. The first step to destigmatizing behavioral illness is educating and sharing information. Across the board and throughout our inpatient and intensive outpatient programs, we take every opportunity to speak honestly about behavioral health by educating patients, family members, referrers, partner agencies and community members. We must work to improve attitudes toward people with behavioral health needs, increase the likelihood that individuals will disclose a need and promote positive associations with seeking help.


We encourage outside support and engagement. The healing process must continue beyond our facility.The reality is behavioral health treatment is a life-long journey and healing requires constant attention. We recognize the process requires support from family, loved ones or outside caregivers to ensure continued healing. Only through our combined efforts will our patients find true, meaningful recovery. We must do everything we can to educate and empower patients, and their family or loved ones, to be involved in their care.


We do not let each other fail. We're smarter when we work together and we always support each other. The Oceans team members empower one another to grow professionally, share best practices, to participate in the overall success of Oceans Healthcare and, ultimately, to do the best job we can for patients and their families.


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