The Oceans Six

The Oceans Six core convictions are the foundation of our company and the fuel that drives our people to provide the highest quality care. These are the six things we value and know to be true at Oceans Healthcare and our hospitals.


We believe every person deserves respect and consideration. At the root of every action we take is our unwavering commitment to treat all with dignity and compassion, regardless of circumstance. We honor our patients, their families and our team members by providing a safe, nurturing environment.

2Comprehensive Care

We believe that without a stronger, healthier body, the mind cannot heal. By focusing on the mind-body connection, we are able to provide comprehensive treatment to encourage ongoing, integrated healing.


We believe in providing a safe, trusting environment for healing. We consistently strive for continuous improvement, enthusiastically seek new ideas and are never satisfied with the status quo.


We believe in providing care with integrity. We stand on principal and value transparency in all that we do. We honor the trust that is placed in us and are committed to doing what’s right for our patients and team members.


We believe in a community of support and engagement. The healing process must continue beyond our facility. We strongly advocate for our patients and their families, lending our voice to ensure their needs are met. Only through our combined efforts will our patients find true, continued healing.


We believe we’re smarter when we work together. We empower one another to grow professionally, share in our successes, lend support in our challenges, and do the best job we can do for our patients, their families and our communities.


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